Ever wondered what you are really worth?

You might know what your home is worth, you may have a good idea what your car is worth. Occasionally you might have added up your bank accounts and investments. You probably owe some money but not sure of the exact amount.

Have you ever added it all up and worked out your entire Net Worth?

Now you can, with the touch of a button . . . .   we give you

Everything is now in the palm of your hand and you have
Access, anytime, anywhere
on any device

Record the important things that you own and owe. We can link your home to RP Data for an up to date valuation instantly. Do you know what your car is worth? More than one car in the family? Get instant market appraisal from Australia’s leading provider, Carsales.com

Do you have superannuation? An industry super fund or perhaps a Self Managed Super Fund? We can provide regular valuations for either that are constantly updated. In conjunction with Australia’s fastest growing provider, Class Super, we can now link your Self Managed Super Fund directly to First Class Access.

What I earn and what I spend. With mycashflow you can now keep track of your cash. You can link all your bank accounts with First Class Access and get daily updates of your savings and spending habits. You will be surprised how easy it is to keep on top of your cashflow

Ever had to make an insurance claim? Forgot who you were insured with or what cover you have? With myprotection you can now keep track of all your insurances including life insurance, income protection, home building & contents, car insurance, private health insurance, the list is endless. You have your very own electronic filing cabinet to store those important details and copies of the policies. If something happened to you would your loved ones know where to find those policy details?

This is a great place to keep a copy of your will and more importantly, details as to where the original is held.

Most people have goals, as simple as buying a first car, buying a first home, having a family, or saving for a comfortable retirement. We provide the tools to create and record your goals and calculators to help to work out how to achieve them. Best of all, these are your goals and saved for you in First Class Access.

It just gets better. You can keep records of everything for everything and everyone in your group. You can add people or entities to your profile and then add all the things that all group members own or owe. You can even keep record of who actually owns or owes what, like joint assets (your home) or assets that you own part of, a family trust or a business. You can also invite Guests in to help to keep you on track like your accountant, adviser, broker and/or solicitor.

Guest Access

Guest access is critical if something does terribly wrong! Think about it. If something happened to you, will those left behind know what you own or owe (mywealth), what money is coming in and going out (mycashflow)? Will they know what insurance cover you had on your life, your car, your home or for Trauma? Does anyone know what your wishes are if you passed away or even where your Will was kept (myProtection).

What income producing assets will be left behind to provide for your loved ones. The major assets of most are your home and your super, either with an Industry Super Fund, a Retail Fund or a Self Managed Fund. With our direct data feeds, with First Class Access, you can get meaningful up to date information of all your superannuation assets, not just at the end of the year and best of all, it’s all in one place.

First Class Access provides exactly what it says, first class access to your entire financial world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access anywhere in the world, on any device, a computer, smart phone or tablet.

First Class Access provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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